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The Austin Black Newcomers Association (ABNA) fosters community engagement by providing information and resources for emerging leaders. We also offer a web directory of local organizations to enhance new residents' personal and professional lives.

"This site welcomes all visitors regardless of ethnicity. However, the idea was conceived because of my personal experience when I moved here from the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2008. It was fairly easy to find entertainment, restaurants, and a church home. However, finding the associations and nonprofit organizations my family has belonged to for generations took a lot more effort. African-Americans comprise about 7% of the population. Depending on where you live and work, it can be challenging to connect with the vibrant and historic black community.

I began this community service initiative to help you quickly find things it often takes months or years for new residents to discover. Use this portal to link to the websites of the numerous nonprofit organizations, professional associations, events, and resources that don't always show up in the search engine results. Whatever you seek is probably here and, if it's not, there's opportunity and support to make it happen. Please note: WE DO NOT HAVE A FORMAL MEMBERSHIP, DUES, OR MONTHLY MEETINGS and WE DO NOT RECOMMEND BUSINESSES. Our primary goal is to help you plug into this vibrant community by making it easier to find out what opportunities already exist. We know from experience, making a social investment in the community: creating connections, adds a third, fulfilling dimension to your quality of life. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter for regular updates on social and cultural events throughout Central Texas."